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Based in East Dereham, Norfolk, Firstline Factors is a motor factor supplying car parts, motor spares and car accessories to the automobile aftermarket such as garages, service centres, filling stations and bodyshops.
Deliveries across Norfolk

In addition to car parts, spares and accessories, they also carry an extensive range of household products for the forecourt and many related businesses including garden centres, hardware and general stores.

  • Car Parts - Engine parts, Brakes, Electrical, Ignition, Suspension, Transmission.
  • Car Accessories - Oils, Filters, Wiper blades, Batteries, Paints, Trim, Car care products, Seat covers, Petrol cans, Power Washers, Car Manuals
  • Forecourt Supplies - Paper towels, loo rolls, cleaning supplies, tools, fluorescent tubes
  • Household Items - kindling wood, logs, charcoal, BBQ lighter fluid, light bulbs, dry cell batteries

Firstline acts as a factor selling car parts, accessories, motor spares, forecourt and household items trade to garages, service and garden centres and hardware/general stores to sell on to the general public or to workshops that might need car parts and spares for their repair services.

Please use the Trade door for the Parts section.

Though Firstline Factors does not have a retail counter at their warehouse through this web site they are offering special offer items which can be ordered online by the general public.

Special offers may be found through the Retail door.

Rash's Green, Rash's Green Industrial Estate,
Dereham, Norfolk NR19 1JG

Telephone: (01362) 697255   Fax: (01362) 692691